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Four steps  to  install  bearing  correctly

Issuing time:2020-05-18 15:05

Whether the bearing is installed correctly is related to the sercice lifee of the   bearing,so we must pay attention to it .The follwing encyclopedia of bearings will instroduce in detail the five steps of correctiy installing the bearing,hoping to be helpful to you who are using the bearing.

Use special tools for bearing installation and removal

Advanced installation tools can avoid bearing damage caused by improper tools and operation during installation. For example ,when installing the bearing,the staff used the copper rod tappingmethed,which is easy to cause uneven axial stress of the bearing,deformation of the cage ,damage to the rolling body ,and larger clearance .In addition ,during the tapping   process of the copper rod ,copper powder files into the bearing cage ,which is easy to cause bearing failure.

Check the bearings before inst

allation.For old bearings ,check the surfce of ball (column)for burrs, scratches and cracks . Whether the radial clearance and axial clearance of the old bearing are qualifiled or not , generally only the radial clearance is measured .For new bearings,first check whether the bearing model is correct. Refer to Tble 1 for radial spacing standards of rolling bearings,For example ,the model 6318 deep groove ball bearing has an inner diameter of 90 mm   and a radial clearance of 0.016~0.046mm .the maximum wear of the bearing   can also be found to be 0.25mml.

Check the matching dimension of bearing and rotor shaft

When assembling the motor ,carefullycheck the matching dimensions of the bearing and the rotor shaft(Table 2)and the matching dimensions of the outer ring of the bearing and the hole of the end cover.

Control the amount of oil in bearing and bearing chambers

Excessive amount of oil in the bearing and the box will cause the bearing roller to slip ,causeinfg the roller to change from rolling firction to sliding friction,damaging the bearing roller .due to excessive amount of oil in the bearing,the free space in the bearing box is small ,the operating temperature of the bearing will rise ,the grease saturation will decrease,and the bearing will roll.

Pay attention to ensure the insulation is in good condition

For bearings with insuation design on the outer ring,attention should be paid to ensure the insulation is in good condition,If the insulation of the bearing is damaged during installation,a very thin oil film is punctured by the shaft voltage.After the oil film is punctured ,not only will the lubriction of the rolling body be poor ,but also the generated electric spark will form electric corrosion en the rolling body of the bodyof the bearing ,causing the surface of the rolling body not to be uniform and accelering the wear of tne bearing.

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