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30 reasons for  Bearing Ringing.

Issuing time:2020-05-30 07:53

I believe everyone must have met the situation when the new bearing was installed and made a nose .Atthis time ,we must be thinking of returning the products, but is it the quality of the products hhat makes the bearing ying ?there are the Following 30 reasons for bearing ringing ,and there may be many that we have not encoutered before .piease add them.

                                 Summary of 30 Reasons for Bearing Ringing

1.Oil has impurties

2.Insufficient lubrication (oil level is too low ,improper storage leads to oil or grease leakage through the seal Damage)

3.Bearing clearance is too small or too large

4.Impurties such as sand or carbon particles are mixed into the bearing to play the role of abrasive .

5.Contamints such as water ,acids or paint are mixed into the bearing to play a corrosive role

6.The bearing is clampedd flat by the seat hole (the roundness of the seat hole is not good ,or the seat hole is distorted and not styaignt)

7.The pad iron on the bottom surface   of the bearing seat is uneven(resulting in deformation of the seat hole and even the bearing seat   coming out crack now)

8.There are sundries(chips,dust particle,etc)in the bearing seat hole

9.The sealing ring is eccentric (touching the adjacent parts and causing friction)

10.The bearing is subject to additional load (the bearing subject to axial tightening ,or a shaft has Two fixed end bearings)

11.The fit between the bearing and the shaft is too loose (the diameter of the shaft is small or the tightening sleeve is not tightened)

12.The clearance of the bearing is too small and is too tight when rotating (the tightening sleeve is too tight )

13.Bearing noise (caused by roller end face or streel ball slipping)

14.The themal elongation of the shaft is too large (the bearing is subjected to statically indeterminate axial additional load)

15.The shaft shoulder is tooo large (touching   the seal of the bearing and causing friction)

16.The retaining shoulder of the seat hole is too large (the seal of the bearting hair is distored)

17.The clearance of labyrinth seal ring is too small (friction occurs with shaft)

18.The teeth of the lock washer   are bent (touching the bearing and   causingfriction)

19.The position of the oil slinger is inappropriate(encounter with flange cover and friction occurs)

20.There are pressure pits on syeelballs or rollers (caused by hammering the bearing during installation

21.Bearing noise (interference from external vibration sources)

22.The bearing changes color and deforms when heated (caused by dismounting the bearing by heating with a spray gun)

23.The shaft is too thick to make the actual fit too tight (resulting in high bearing temperature or noise sound)

24.The diameter of the seat hole is too small (causing in high bearing temperature or noise sound)

25.Bearing hole diameter is too large ,the actual fit is too loose (bearing temperture is too high-outside ring slip_)

26.The bearing seat hole is enlarged (the bearing seat   hole of non-ferous metal is enlarged due to thermal expansion)

27.The cageis broken

28.Bearing raceway rusts

29.Wear of steel ball and raceways (unqualified grinding or bruised produsts)

30.The raceway of the ferrule is unqualified (the problem of the manufacturer)

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